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For Immediate Release: Feb. 19, 2018 Contact: Star-Asia Taliaferro Sebastian Designer Shoes, is coming to Queens, New York. Why not bring a high end designer shoe boutique to the Queens downtown business district. Sebastian Shoe Boutique is going to increase community value in downtown jamaica. Being the only designer shoe retailer located in the area. Sebastian Shoe Boutique the boutique like no other coming Spring 2018 to the heart of jamaica is going to offer authentic couture shoes at affordable prices. Creating something truly unique in the world of footwear is a difficult thing to do. The old saying goes, 'everything under the sun, has already been done,' and truth be told it is not far from accurate. This at least applies to wearable shoes that still maintain a manner of elegance and classic style. Truly horrible concoctions are easy to create, but then who would wear them? I often get asked about where my own design inspiration comes from. And I do have many ideas in my head (and that I have created) that are truly my own design that no one else has done before, but a lot of my inspiration doesn't come from the earth and the sea and the leaves (like many 'designers') but rather in things that have already been done before (poorly) but then putting my own twist on them to make them different from the original. For instance one of my biggest inspirations has been watching my mother struggle with knee damage but knowing no fashionable shoe will give her the comfort and support needed to allow her express her style. That inspired my idea to make the heel of various heights out of shock absorbent materials. Giving the comfort of a sneaker with the timeless look of a heel women crave. This concept is the basis of my brand design. I chose to use simple typefaces and a mix of colors to represent my desire to appeal to every woman, regardless of her age or stature. Children both boys and girls starting with pre-k grade school sizes and eventually men with styles ranging from the work boot man, to corporate dress shoe, to casual and downtime sneakers while staying classic and on trend. Sebastian's shoe design' AIM is to manufacture shoes classic, original, and modified design in the most comfortable way that will be good for the body. I hope to have this style translate into any shapes or symbols used one our website. I wish that any styles used be confusing to the consumer. The idea customer will have the options to customize their shoes especially women where all shoes will be available in all heel heights from flats to stilettos. Which we hope to add to even our little girls so moms can help develop that heel training. Imagine a world where men's dress shoes feels like sneakers (I've heard they are pretty uncomfortable). Imagine a world where 5inch heel didn't feel awful. Imagine a world where grandma can have her orthopedic feel without the look. Imagine a world where our children's school shoes don't ruin their little feet in sacrifice of style…that is what this shoe design is folks. We don't have to be great artists to be great designers. But we do have to have ideas and while ideas won't always be 100% ours, the way in which we spin them is. But never resort to blatant copying, as that is not design and respectable on any level. So if you are a young, aspiring designer yet can't draw a lick, fear not because as long as you have ideas, you can become the greatest designer the world has seen. For more information, email: MAJICPRFIRM@GMAIL.COM https://goo.gl/images/VxRMcb

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